About YouRize


YouRize (Welriz, Inc.) is a for-profit, mission-driven Delaware corporation formed in January, 2018.


We measurably improve peoples lives through personal data management services.


Our mission is to enable people everywhere to own, control, benefit and make money from their personal data.

Essential Values

We seek to engage with all those whom we serve and support in accordance with the following essential values.

  1. Existence of a Digital Self – In today’s world, all humans, by reason of being alive, generate prodigious amounts of digital data about themselves, their lives, and the life of others with whom they associate. This information constitutes a person’s Digital-Self.
  2. Right to a Digital-Self – we believe each individual has an inalienable right to own, control and benefit from their Digital-Self, and to develop and use it over time in ways they alone determine.
  3. Digital-Self Independence – we believe each individual has an inalienable right to access, control and use their data, independent from any existing entity, and, if they choose, to have any entity they choose manage their Digital-Self, or parts of their Digital-Self, on their behalf. Children, and others who are in a dependent status, have the right to have their Digital-Self managed on their behalf by a legally authorized representative such as a parent.
  4. Digital-Self Wealth and Prosperity – we believe individuals have the inalienable right to benefit financially and create wealth and prosperity from their Digital-Selves.
  5. Responsibility to the Digital-Self – Any third party interacting with an individual’s Digital-Self has a responsibility to access and use the Digital Self only with meaningful consent and permission from the owner. Exploitative, manipulative, or other undesirable behaviors with potential to adversely affect a Digital-Self or its owner should not occur.
  6. Responsibility to Others’ Digital Selves – Each owner of a Digital-Self has a responsibility to respect others’ Digital Selves, and to interact with them in accordance with the inalienable rights accorded to each person with respect to their Digital-Self. The responsibilities also extend to any other entity that interacts with anyone’s Digital-Self.
  7. Representative Governance of the Digital-Self – each individual has the right to participate in the governance and management processes affecting their ability to own, control and benefit from their Digital-Self, and the ability of groups of people, or organizations, to own, control and benefit from aggregated sets of data drawn from multiple Digital-Selves.
  8. Continual Improvement of the YouRiz Digital-Self Platform – we seek to continually improve our Digital-Self platform and services to support each individual we serve in maximizing the value they can obtain from their Digital-Self.